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    Candidate for Virginia's 32nd District Senate

    I want to represent you, in Richmond. The values of those running the government have drifted far from what Virginia was founded upon. I've lived in Virginia for over 20 years, attended Longwood University, married with two school age children and a strong populist conservative.


    There is a lot of work to do in Virginia to correct many years of democrats doing damage to the state. Democrats closed schools and businesses, abolished the death penalty, tightened gun restrictions, embraced critical race theory, botched COVID-19 response and much more…hence my desire to run for the house of delegates and help take back republican control.


    I’m an entrepreneur, having started a tech startup in Virginia from the ground up that I grew and recently sold in 2018. Following that, I joined a Silicon Valley startup and opened an office in Virginia. I have a track record for creating jobs, embracing capitalism, and fighting for capitalism.


    This is my first time stepping into politics, but Virginia is NOT a blue state. I believe that Virginians are predominately conservative. We need republicans that will fight for fair elections, ban Dominion voting machines, ballot harvesting, universal mail-in voting and other tactics used by democrats to rig elections.


    As a father of two school age children. I’ve had to fight back on Loudoun’s embrace of “critical race theory” in school, making everything gender neutral and having to explain to my 9-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter that there aren’t more than two genders.


    Professionally, I've worked on a number of issues ranging from the opioid epidemic, national drug stockpile, and securing the pharmaceutical supply chain as an expert in economics and supply chain management.

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    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

    State Lockdown Orders and Mask Mandates

    Democrats claim to "follow the science" however, the science has proven that lockdowns do more harm than good and masks don't work. As such, Virginians should be free to shop, gather, and live life to the fullest. Those with health issues should be protected as they see fit. Whether that means limiting gatherings, staying at home and wearing a mask. Schools should open immediately and stay open 5 days a week!

    School Choice

    True School Choice is What Our Children Need

    Public schools have shown that they have become too politicized for securing public funds to operate. In order to ensure that our children receive a quality education they must compete with private schools. This means that if parents remove their child from public school their tax dollars move with them. Otherwise, what’s the point? Schools need to focus on reading, writing and arithmetic…not gender identity, race relations or other social justice issues. Those are subjective and should be taught by parents. Social norms, can be enforced and reinforced by the school but schools have gone too far with what they are teaching today.

    Election Integrity Photo

    Election Integrity

    2020 Election

    Just like this shirt, Virginia is NOT Blue...a few large districts that align with the Democrat ideology shouldn't run the entire state. Regardless, if you believe the 2020 Presidential election was stolen or not, the bottom line is such an important event such as a presidential election was terribly mishandled. In effort to further complicate matters inquiries into suspicious actions, irregularities, and suspected fraud fell on deaf ears. Which led to conservatives being disenfranchised, concerned that their legal votes weren't counted because an illegal vote was cast. Congress's attempt to make chaotic elections permanent with HR-1 is disgraceful. All legal votes should be counted, voters should prove their identity, voting machines should be re-evaluated, ballot harvesting should be illegal, and universal mail-in voting should be illegal as well (not to be confused with absentee voting).

    Anti-socialism Photo

    There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    Russia, Germany and many other failed communist and socialist experiments

    Socialism and Communism doesn't work...period! It should be taught in schools as part of history but not pushed as a viable alternative to capitalism. Socialism and Communism only works for the person holding the knife, for everyone else...they're getting stabbed in the back, front and side!

    Social Justice & Gender Identity

    Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Identity, and Socialism

    My son and daughter are very type A personalities. They don't see a person and identify them as belonging to a particular race or ethnicity. They see people for who they are...people. CRT being taught in our schools is teaching them how to associate people's skin colors to races and that is the problem with CRT. The "theory" requires destruction of one, in order to build up another. I believe that ending racism and promoting equality can be accomplished through building each other up and teaching our children to honor and respect our differences. CRT is making racism worse, not better and should not be allowed in our schools, places of business or government.


    Gender Identity is not only a solution in search of a problem but is erasing the gains in gender equality that women have made over the years. Teaching children that they can choose to be whichever gender they identify as rather than what they are born as is not what we should be teaching young impressionable minds. As a father to a daughter, this is going to destroy women's rights if boys are allowed to compete against girls in sports and as a father to a young boy this is going to lead to tremendous confusion. This has to end...school needs to stick with teaching reading, writing and arithmetic!

  • Bipartisanism

    Greg is not only a conservative when it comes to politics but is conservative in his demeanor. As a result, he will listen to opposing viewpoints and try to find middle ground. His business experience has made him a shrewd negotiator and strategist. The community doesn't win when parties try to take a "winner takes all" approach to a negotiation. As a populist conservative, Greg asks, "what's the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement?" In other words, what happens if negotiations fail. Currently, there are a lot of bad alternatives to not negotiating agreements on major issues impacting our community. Greg believes that common ground can be found in many areas. Below are just some of the issues where we need to meet in the middle.

    Healthcare Photo


    Access to high quality affordable treatment, pharmaceuticals and price transparency

    Greg and his 9-year-old son are both Type 1 Diabetics. It is a terrible disease that has transformed his household and life forever. Greg understands firsthand how expensive healthcare is for people with chronic illnesses or those who experienced a major traumatic event. Virginians need access to high performing healthcare workers practicing medicine, and Virginia needs to do the right thing to keep those healthcare professionals practicing, and it also needs to be affordable. Price transparency needs to be a part of the solution. Greg's experience in the pharmaceutical industry and supply chain management coupled with his firsthand experience as a Type 1 Diabetic needing to give him and his son daily insulin injections make him the ideal candidate to work on real healthcare reform.

    Environmentalism Photo


    A Cleaner Environment is not a Partisan Issue it's Common Sense

    Greg believes that the environment is a precious resource that is in limited supply. Therefore, we must protect it by conservation, clean energy, recycling, and reducing our carbon footprint. Greg's wife, Wendy, grew up on a 100-acre farm in the southern part of Virginia. Her parents farm has been in the family for generations and we would like to keep it in the family for more generations, to come. The issues that her family faced over the years are the same that affect the farms in our community. Loudoun's farming industry is unfortunately shrinking due to suburban sprawl and crawl. More needs to be done to conserve our natural resources, keep our environment clean, and protect our farmland.

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    Law Enforcement & Public Safety

    Protecting the Community Means Protecting Those Who Serve

    Keeping the public safe is a dangerous job, however, there needs to be a balance to pursuing suspected criminals and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  There certainly needs to be changes in law enforcement, however, we should first look at the methods and tactics being used today and how we can start by making updates to training and ending what might be considered excessive force.

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